Converge Artist Workplace
We maintain a waiting list of artists wanting to rent a studio, since vacancies usually rent quickly.

While you are waiting for a vacancy, we invite you to rent workspace in our main gallery area at a greatly reduced monthly rate. Artists who are already on the gallery floor have first priority when a private studio becomes available.

Please contact us at any time if you would like a tour of our facility.
Our insurance carrier does not permit the use of kilns or toxic media that require special ventilation.
Please contact us if you need further details about the types of materials that are permitted inside our facility.
We value the health and safety of our resident artists.

Studio 1
11x15 feet
165 square feet
(not currently available)

Studio 2
10x15 feet
150 square feet
(not currently available)

Studio 3 (shared space)
10x24 feet
240 square feet
$293 per month (per half)

Studio 4
10x10 feet
100 square feet
(not currently available)

Studio 5
10x14 feet
140 square feet
$369 per month

Studio 6
7x15 feet
105 square feet
(not currently available)
                                  Approx. 100 
square feet
                                  $185 per month
                                  Approx. 100 square feet
                                  $209 per month